Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the way I can offer you physiotherapy has had to change. Face to face sessions can only be offered once you have had at least one online consultation. You and I need to decide together that the potential benefits to you of coming for a hands on treatment outweigh the potential risks of transmitting coronavirus. I will need to justify and document why I cannot meet your needs virtually, and why a face to face session is justified.
When coming for your face to face session, a few things will be different now. I will need you to wait outside the building (preferably in your vehicle) until I phone you. We will then have the ‘catch up chat’ over the phone rather than in the room. I will need you to wash your hands before coming into the clinic room, and unfortunately you can no longer bring your baby with you. If you would like a chaparone in with you while you have a treatment that is fine, but please let me know in advance. 
The room will be colder than normal as I am leaving windows open to keep the room well ventilated, so you may want to bring an extra jumper.
I will also need you to wear a mask, and I will need to take your temperature when you arrive.
Extra room cleaning with virucidal cleaning products will be taking place between each patients visit, as well as a full change of linen and additional room ventilation. I will be wearing PPE, which I will change between each patient. I will of course be adhering to very high hygiene and hand washing standards.
Government guidance on infection prevention for COVID will be followed, according to the guidance set down in this document:
The forms that I will ask you to fill out will now need to be done online, rather than on paper, so they will be sent to you ahead of your appointment. Payment needs to be by bank transfer or card payment. I am no longer able to accept cash. The card payment machine will be cleaned between each use. 
My cancellation policy has changed. You can now cancel last minute if you need to. I would much rather you cancel than you come with any possibility that you may be carrying coronavirus. Please do not come for treatment if you feel at all unwell. Also if I am told that I have been in contact with anyone with coronavirus, l will cancel your appointment. 
A risk assessment has been carried out in the development of this policy. If you would like to see that, just ask.