If you come to see me for help with a pelvic organ prolapse. I will probably suggest that you stop repeated squeezing exercises for the pelvic floor, and Instead focus on finding ways to release tension within the pelvis. Below are some links to help you get started.

the Science Behind it

A biotensegrity approach to understanding pelvic organ prolapse.

I have recently done a podcast for Dr Brianne Grogans podcast channel Lady Bits which explains more about my approach to treating pelvic organ prolapse.


Here is a guided meditation focusing on pelvic floor release: 


Here is a short YouTube video with some useful stretches : 


Here is a video to show you how to massage any pelvic floor muscle tension or scars you might have : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=limAN8CyPcA

My colleague Claire Sparrow has designed a fantastic movement programme for women experiencing pelvic floor issues, which is based on exactly the same science as my approach. 
The course is called Pre Pilates for Whole Body Pelvic Health. Here is a link to her website : https://claire-sparrow-pilates.teachable.com/
You might also find the yoga programmes by Your Pace Yoga useful : 
Many women have found Hypopressives, a breathing and postural method helpful for
managing prolapse.
Mizan Abdominal Therapy is also very helpful for prolapse, a practitioner can be found
here :
If you can’t get to Leeds to see me for a treatment, I hope this information has been some help,