Anna Crowle

Women’s health Physiotherapist, specialising in using Myofascial release to treat pelvic and gynaecological problems.


About My Practice

I am a women’s health physiotherapist, specialising in using myofascial release to treat pelvic and gynaecological problems.

Problems are treated holistically, using a woman-centred, whole-body approach, using modern bodywork techniques.

I will look at how your whole body moves, to see what may be affecting your pain.

For most women with these conditions, a vaginal assessment is important to get a full picture of the problem. This is always done with the utmost gentleness, care and respect. You will be in absolute and full control at all times.

Conditions Treated

Conditions treated include:

  • pelvic and back pain
  • scar pain
  • sexual pain
  • prolapse
  • vulvodynia and vaginisimus type conditions.
  • urinary and faecal incontinence
  • pudendal neuropathy  or any other type of pelvic condition or birth injury. These problems could have come from pregnancy, birth, falls onto the coccyx, infections, injury, or they could have come on gradually.

Treatment involves

Treatment involves a selection of myofascial techniques including:

  • Trigger point therapy, direct myofascial release, scar release and visceral release.
  • Myofascial release is a very gentle type of bodywork. it is very effective at creating significant change in the body, with lasting effects. It can be used to realign connective tissue, resolve pain, and reduce scarring.
  • Movement, lifestyle and exercise advice will be given, but the focus will be on finding and correcting the source of your problems through abdominal, pelvic and vaginal bodywork to allow your body to work as it should.
  • Normally 6-8 treatment sessions are needed to see a significant improvement in your symptoms.


A biotensegrity approach to understanding pelvic organ prolapse.

"I have now had 4 sessions and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. The prolapse has lifted, I can't feel it dragging, I can now sit down and stand up for long periods of time when I couldn't before."

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