What to Expect

All first appointments now need to be online consultations. These consultations will include a full history taking, including some information about any births you have had.

I will then look at you walk around and do some other movements. This gives me a good idea of how severe your issues are, and roughly where in your pelvis they are coming from. I will then use this information to guide you into some self care techniques and teach you some appropriate self massage and self myofascial release techniques. 

For some women, it will be appropriate to continue to meet online, and I will continue to teach you self release techniques specific to your symptoms and condition. 

If it is appropriate for you, we can move on to face-to-face sessions. At a face-to-face appointment, most women will be offered a vaginal assessment. This would be discussed and planned for during the online consultation.  

If this is right for you, I would use the vaginal assessment to look for scars, tight parts, sore parts, connective tissue alignment, pelvic organ position, how well you can contract and relax your pelvic floor, whether that is equal on both sides, whether there are any limitations to contraction, and where that might be coming from.

Then if you feel comfortable to move on, I will then aim to correct those problems with gentle myofascial release, talking through exactly what I am doing and why.

Usually some changes are felt after the first session. It is common to be very tired after the first session for up to 3 days, so don’t plan too much for that time.

Video consultations last 45 minutes for a cost of £40. Please email me on info@annacrowle.co.uk if you would like to arrange one.

Face-to-face sessions last 45 mins, cost £70 and are available after an initial online consultation.