"I believe passionately that postnatal problems should be talked about and worked through, not ignored or put up with. I also believe passionately in the bodies ability to heal, given a nudge in the right direction."

What to Expect

Your first appointment will include a full history taking, including some information about any births you have had.

I will then look at you walk around and do some other movements. This gives me a good idea of how severe your issues are, and roughly where in your pelvis they are coming from. Then, if appropriate, and only if you are ready, and there are clinical signs pointing to an internal problem, we can move onto a vaginal assessment.

If this is right for you, I would be looking for scars, tight parts, sore parts, connective tissue alignment, pelvic organ position, how well you can contract and relax your pelvic floor, whether that is equal on both sides, whether there are any limitations to contraction, and where that might be coming from.

Then if you feel comfortable to move on, I will then aim to correct those problems with gentle myofascial release, talking through exactly what I am doing and why.

Usually some changes are felt after the first session. It is common to be very tired after the first session for up to 3 days, so don’t plan too much for that time.

I work from We are Wellness in Headingley, Leeds on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here is a link to their online booking system:

  • It is worth booking for when you are not expecting to be menstruating.
  • It is also good to make sure you have plenty of rest time in the few days after the treatment as you may be very tired.

"I have now had 4 sessions and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. The prolapse has lifted, I can't feel it dragging, I can now sit down and stand up for long periods of time when I couldn't before."